Welcome to my wiki! I always been on this wiki for a couple of times, thinking to myself for a while, thinking of a wiki of my own, so, yeah, this is it.

Welcome to the Crossover Adventure WikiEdit

This wiki is about Stephanie's adventures during her quests.

The links to the stories are here:




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This is about my stories that I have typed on many other sites, so that I can share my stories with other people, to inspire other people about it. Also, this is about Stephanie, (recently me,) that is crystallized for 3,202 years, remembering what had happened in the past. As an escaped fugitive of a lab rat, she lives with a "happy" family, that is boring to her taste and all of the sudden, she wents on these random adventures, without any ideas. (Please don't hate me for this, this is my first time doing a wiki.)

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